Healthcare Trust of America, Inc. Announces Appointment of Peter N. Foss to Board of Directors

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Healthcare Trust of America, Inc. (NYSE: HTA), announced today the appointment of Peter N. Foss to its Board of Directors. This appointment increases HTA’s Board of Directors to a total of eight members, seven of whom qualify as independent. Mr. Foss has spent over 20 years as an executive of General Electric Company (GE). Mr. Foss currently leads GE’s NFL Brain Research Program and was previously President of GE’s Olympic Sponsorship and Corporate Accounts where he had a significant role leading GE’s sales to global companies, including major healthcare providers.

“We are pleased to welcome Peter Foss to HTA’s Board of Directors,” said Scott D. Peters, Chairman and CEO of Healthcare Trust of America. “Peter’s long term leadership with a world class organization like GE will help us continue to develop HTA’s enterprise platform. In addition, his experience partnering with global healthcare providers and in-depth knowledge of healthcare’s ongoing transformation will make him a significant addition to our company.”

The Board has determined that Mr. Foss qualifies as an independent director under the applicable NYSE and SEC requirements.

Mr. Foss has over 35 years of experience with the General Electric Company in various sales and marketing executive roles specific to the healthcare industry. He currently leads the GE Company’s NFL Brain Research Program. Prior to that, he was the President of the GE Company’s Olympic Sponsorship and Corporate Accounts from 2003 to 2013. In both of these roles, Peter was prominently responsible for leading GE’s extensive relationships with the nation’s largest healthcare providers. Prior to that time, he served for six years as the President of GE Polymerland, a commercial organization representing GE Plastics in the global marketplace. In addition to his leadership across the GE Company, Mr. Foss is the President of the ALS Finding a Cure foundation.

Mr. Foss earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston.

About Healthcare Trust of America, Inc.
Healthcare Trust of America, Inc. (NYSE: HTA), a publicly traded real estate investment trust, is a real estate company that acquires, owns, and operates medical office buildings located primarily on-campus or affiliated with the nation’s leading healthcare systems. HTA is known for its exclusive dedication to the medical office sector and believes that this focus will be advantageous as the healthcare sector benefits from major macroeconomic tailwinds.

Since its formation in 2006, HTA has invested approximately $3.3 billion in medical office buildings comprising 14.8 million square feet in 28 states. A disciplined and targeted acquisition approach has positioned the real estate portfolio in certain key markets (among others) with growing and healthy economics, including: Albany, Atlanta, Boston, Charleston, Dallas, Denver, Greenville, Houston, Indianapolis, Miami, Orlando, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Tampa, and White Plains. The portfolio is operated by an in-house national asset management and leasing platform which is directed from over 10 full-service regional offices across the U.S. HTA has a consistent track record since listing on the New York Stock Exchange in 2012 and believes that a commitment to long-term real estate principals will continue to generate shareholder value.

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• economic fluctuations in certain states in which HTA’s property investments are geographically concentrated;
• retention of HTA’s senior management team;
• financial stability and solvency of HTA’s tenants;
• supply and demand for operating properties in the market areas in which HTA operates;
• HTA’s ability to acquire real properties, and to successfully operate those properties once acquired;
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